Suzanne O'Connell | Poet

How To Cook And Serve A Husband

A new husband may have a high altitude.

In the beginning, one layer may form a hard crust,

or be too thin,

or form a hump in the middle.


But, ask yourself,

how often have you quickly obtained perfection?

It is always important to plan ahead!

Never forget: “the stomach is the seat of courage.”


In the cottage kitchen or the great house

on the hill,

it is important to try to prepare

a dainty and appropriate meal!


If, however, something burns,

or hardens before you spread it,

or is not an attractive combination,

never fear!


New husbands can benefit from tender endearments.

Feed their tender hearts if not their hungry stomachs!

The prudent wife who fails in the kitchen

may choose to extend one of the following

affectionate bon mots:


You are my lightening biscuit

You are my plump sweetbread

You are my nut bar

You are my hot molasses

You are my golden glow

You are my apple bun

You will forever be my royal educator!


Silver Birch Press, 2015



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